louis armstrong

A wonderful day!

A great day! This morning I went by my car to a part of Gothenburg called Angered. I had an appointment with a possible purchaser at 10 am there. When I talked with them yesterday they sad that they were serious buyers and that they was conscious that I not are prepared to beat down…


Tomorrow will be a new exciting day.

I have the last days disposed a lot of my clothes and other properties that I cannot to take with me to Peru. I have tried to give my children as much as possible but they refused most of it. Therefore I gave it to the church who gratefully took all I gave them. It…

Gerhard Krayzier

Very first post

Here I will publish special happenings when I travel around in South America principally in Peru. I hope that my family and friends will read my blog and give me there comments. Everyone is welcome to read and comment what I´m writing. I´m still in Sweden and will leave for Peru July 26, 2009.