Nasca is wonderful even in winter!

Yesterday we arrived to Nasca and finally we could enjoy sun again. Nasca is placed in middle of a desert and is famous for the Nasca lines. It´s a nice little town and you can eat very good food for a low coast.

Plaza Nazca

We are leaving in a very simple hominess little hostel named Brabant. The owner´s a woman from Holland and a man from Peru are very friendly and have two nice children and will in one week get another baby.

Nasca hostel

We got a comfortable double bed room with an extra bed.

Nasca room

On the roof is a nice terrace with two comfortable hammocks.

Nasca terassa

We have also a wonderful view.

Sun in Nazca

Not far away we can use a pool and really enjoy live.

nazca pol

Mor about Nasca later.