A wonderful day!

A great day!

This morning I went by my car to a part of Gothenburg called Angered. I had an appointment with a possible purchaser at 10 am there. When I talked with them yesterday they sad that they were serious buyers and that they was conscious that I not are prepared to beat down the price 26.000 SEK much because the price I offered in the announcement already was verry low considering the cars condition. When we met they examined the car carefully and test ran a long time. They complained on one ridiculous thing. The gear lever creaked a little. The sound was so low so I have never thought about it myself before. Well then they gave me an offer. 20.000SEK. I shook their hands and told them that it was a pleaser to meet them but they could forget my car because soon I had an appointment with another really serious purchaser. I jumped fast in my car. They looked a little astonished but waved with their hands and shouted 22.000 when I waved farewell to them and and drove away . One a clock pm the nex t purchaser came. It was a very nice couple from Kungsbacka. They liked the car very much and they was so pleasant so I offer them the car for 24.000. They accepted at once and after twenty minutes we had writen a contract and transferred the money to my account. They were happy because they thought that they got a fare price. I was happy because I managed to sell quickly and to people I really liked. It was so pleased so I went to Gothenburg’s center and took a beer. Maybe that’s way the weather was so glorious today. It was sunny and warm. We have had a dreadful whether mostly so far this summer.

Yes it has been a wonderful day today.

louis armstrong